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Kathy Zodiaco

Reno, Nevada, 89503

Join the Conversation

ART Class

Weekly group conversations about the nature of life; a deep and transformative ongoing conversation with yourself.

"I can hardly tell you how amazing I am feeling, like literally everyday! All these little tweaks are making the most gigantic difference."

Hungry for Life

Do you yearn  to change a part of, or maybe your entire life?

Do you struggle year after year stuck in what feels like the same rut?

Transformation happens in an instant; from sight from within.

Have you ever dreamed of having a guide to your inner wisdom? This 4 week journey is perfect for you.

I realize we probably haven't met yet, but I want you to know; you don't have to change one thing about your life in order to feel better, less stressed, or less depressed more of the time. 

You are completely whole and well.

There's nothing wrong with you. I suspect you might just be looking in the wrong direction. 

Turn away from your problem. It will be there when you look back. Look in a different direction if only for a moment. Allow life to enter your experience. Take pleasure in just being alive. It feels good to pause. And, funny thing, often, when I pause, I get a new idea. A solution to a problem I couldn't solve will come to me, or I'll get an idea to move my project forward. I will stop and smell a flower and notice how pleasurable the scent is, I'll see something in my neighborhood I hadn't noticed before, I'll enjoy an unexpected conversation. What happens for you when you pause?

Look over here; at what calls to you. Follow your intuition, your gut, your knowing. Stop listening to that bossy voice in your head. Seriously. 


Why are you listening to that Drill Sargent so much? 

You've heard the things bossy-voice says - some of them are down right alarming. Why are you trusting that voice? There is more to you than that voice; you are more than the left brain interpreter, that grasping-at-straws voice that natters on incessantly.  Come Join the conversation and open yourself up more fully to the experience of this life. 


As you deepen in the Principles behind the human experience you'll begin noticing things like you've:

  • picked up a creative habit,

  • done something you've said you've wanted to do for a long time,

  • started enjoying your relationships more 

  • begun feeling ease in and about life

  • been feeling just a bit happier consistently

  • stopped thinking about xyz (that big honkin' problem) so much

  • started seeing possibilities instead of problems

  • made new friendships

  • traveled to new places

  • tried new things

You'll start telling people; "my life is completely different yet nothing has changed".  As you watch in amazement as one by one the things in your life begin to change.

You are completely whole and well. Right now, right in this moment. Maybe that's out of reach for you right now; in fact, right now, you may be going through a gut-wrenching horrendous experience.


But I'm willing to bet you can remember a time, a moment, when you did feel completely well.  Maybe you were falling in love, or holding your baby for the first time, or gazing in awe at nature's perfection or maybe you were doing just about anything at all when you caught a glimpse, enjoyed a moment of ....grace, of peace, of a calm certainty that everything is perfectly OK just as it is; there is nothing at all to worry about.


That’s what I call your well-being. It’s there right now, no matter what you’re going through; it’s there underneath your experience.  Your well-being is your true nature.  Let's get you reconnected. No matter how bad it is. You can, and you will, reconnect.

Your experience matters to me, please email me directly with questions, comments, and celebrations.

With Love,